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Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.

Einstein Everything is the place to learn with simplicity that which seems difficult.

There are probably a lot of How To sites out on the Internet today and that is not why Einstein Everything is here, instead Einstein Everything is here to focus on quality, important subjects that will have a significant impact in lives instead of a Quantity How To Whatever site.

It is the most sincere hope of Einstein Everything that you enjoy the level of quality and fun that is presented here and also enjoy contributing to that very same level as well.

I am in the process of going through the archives of a massive wealth of knowledge and information so with your patience and curiosity I hope you will learn to love this place as much as I know you are going to.

Our Secret Weapon!... Is Einstein Himself, at least that is the rumor... Yes Einstein some many years ago actually did discover time travel and has come from the past here into the future to begin sharing a new kind of wealth and knowledge. He is now focusing on the common man and woman and is extremely excited and willing to start hitting the everyday subjects with a whole new style you're going to love.

As for the rest of the rumor, we hear he has taken the name of Emerson Einstein so as not to let the relative cat out of the bag and spill the quantum beans on his current adventure involving time travel and his goal to teach the common man some really fun and cool things!

Me personally, I dont think his little name change trick will work. People will see right through it and know that he is the original McCoy and besides he, in all his cleverness is using my name "Emerson" his cousin, I am the one helping to bring this all together with him, so go figure. You will just have to start watching for the many videos and other lessons soon to be showing up here and judge for yourself how obvious it is and you to will see right through his cover.

Emerson Einstein